Sunday, 28 October 2018

How to stay energised all day long

My favourite thing to do is sleep, absolute fact.
I can nap at any point, anywhere. I can sleep for 12 hours and then nap some more and there's nothing I love more than a lazy weekend where I can have a duvet day and relax. 

But some days that's not possible, some days I need to be more productive and keep my energy up all day long (which for the laziest girl ever is quite a feat.)

First things first is getting the basics right, you should be sleeping between 6-8 hours a night, dependant on what your body needs. I use my fitbit to monitor my quality of sleep and help me determine the best sleep goals and what I need. You can't expect to stay energized and productive all day long if you're running on empty so a good sleep routine will work wonders

Once you've got a settled routine it's time to get a good morning routine together, confession time - I hate mornings and always will. I've tried so hard to be a morning person and it just doesn't work, but when I have the time I've found exercise really sets me up for the day. Pick your exercise well so that it's something fun. Personally I've started to do yoga at home* I find it really great for both my energy levels and having relaxing me time where I can be mindful and reflect on my day ahead
Yoga Mat
 I've been using the Willow tree yoga mat above and I'm really impressed with the quality, it's got a gorgeous picture printed on the mat which is made of closed-cell PVC vinyl it's really durable, comfortable and easy to clean. On days when I'm feeling like doing a more active form of fitness I've been using a 3 wheel ab roller to really kick my home work outs up a gear 

Once you've got a good sleep pattern, morning routine and exercise sorted you should have a look at your food and drink and whether that's affecting your energy. Heavy carbs make you tired you want slower releasing carbs. And if possible try to avoid caffeine and sugar in high quantities too as this gives you a hit of energy followed by a slump 

Flyte energy drink

I've been trying Flyte*, a brand new energy drink that uses all natural ingredients to give an energy boost without having a negative impact such as a sugar crash. Clean energy at only 40 calories I've found this sparkling energy drink a really great alternative to my usual energy boosters

It comes in 2 different flavours Red Berries and Green Mango and is packed full of fruit juice, natural vitamins and fortified with Vitamins B & C, at £2.50 a bottle it's cheaper than your usual coffee from any chain and will keep you energised much longer

If you can feel an energy slump coming then get up and get outside for 20 minutes! Fresh air and a brisk walk will perk you right up, team it with a high power and energy playlist and you'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever task you need to complete

Apart from all of the above I've found little hacks to improve my energy by simply not having to complete things as often. Planning ahead for as many aspects of your life as possible means much less time and energy consumed. I try and plan meals for the week, clothes I'll be wearing, cleaning tasks that need completing and a blogging schedule so that I'm never faced with a huge to-do list that overwhelms me. I reward myself when tasks are complete with me-time and it makes me feel super energised ticking off tasks

How do you keep going all day long?


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