Saturday, 3 November 2018

Top 5 - Homeware Christmas Gifts

Ok so I'm early but go scrooge yourself Halloween is over and I'm all about the Christmas cheer now I'm in full on holiday mode as I plan everyone's presents so I thought I'd start a weekly series on present ideas for your loved ones starting with Homeware

Not everyone will want homeware presents, definitely check the Mrs wants an iron before buying one as a present but I LOVE anything to do with making my home amazing, I recently bought a house so I'm at the very early stage of making my house a home so my Christmas wishlist is full of homeware goodies this year, here are my top 5:

Copper Pans - £19.99 - £29.99 - JML*
Ultra non stick meaning you use much less oil and fats, built to last with a scratch resistant coating they look really professional and stylish and you can be a masterchef in no time

Cranberry Gin Candle - £10.95 - Valley Mill
It's Winter and that means I've been burning candles to make my house smell delicious and create a cosy atmosphere. Plus cranberry scents just scream Christmas and I love the gin undertones of this one - perfect for all the gin lovers out there

Phoenix Gold FreeFlight Iron - £49.99 - JML
So I know what I wrote above about checking if your Mrs wants an iron but I would be over the moon with this as a present. Cordless and ceramic coated it will really make a rubbish chore much easier and quicker and I'm all about that life 

Big Cat Duvet - £30 - Urban Outfitters
Does this even need an explanation? It's big cats on a duvet and it's beautiful. It's cute while still looking very chic with its monochrome effect. Anything with cats is always going to be a winner with me

Kenwood Hand Mixer - £29.99 - Lakeland
I love baking, like completely adore it and since I got a mixer I've enjoyed it even more because it makes it just so much easier. This mixer is really good value for money as it has 5 speeds, a pulse setting and comes with both beaters and dough hooks

What Homeware items do you want this Christmas?

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