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2018 Year in Review

So we're coming to a close to 2018, it's the last day of the year and I'm sure everyone's looking forward to 2019 right? Yep me too full of renewed vigour, to be honest I always thought that new year new me bullshit was exactly that, but as I look back at what in reality has been the best year of my life I do wonder how much of that comes down to the goals I set way back in January 2018 and the 101 in 1001 goals list I created in March so here's a big review of my year, the goals I achieved and the blog posts you guys loved

Gold streamer, 2018 in review

My 2018 Resolutions

[#1] Pass my driving test - I managed this way back in January and 3rd times a charm, I love my little car. I can't say I drive a whole heap but it gave me so much freedom
[#2] Buy a car - Which leads me on to this! I managed to get a really good finance deal on my little VW up and I managed to buy my very first car in February 
[#3] Make friends and influence people - So this resolution could have gone slightly better, but I did put myself out there and went to a few social events, I made a few acquaintances but I'm still incredibly socially awkward and anxious and this probably isn't going to change 
[#4]  Promotion - I had a pretty damn amazing year at work, I did almost double the amount of placements as 2017 and this has meant that as of January I will be a Senior Delivery Consultant. 
[#5] Explore Sheffield - This is always going to be an ongoing thing but I'm really pleased with my progress with this goal, I'm managing to even explore lots of other places too I'm keeping a track of all the new places I visit on tripadvisor and I'm loving visiting new places and getting to know my world a little better
[#6] Relationship - Take things slowly - I'm in a totally different place to where I was this time last year and I genuinely cannot be more thankful for how things have panned out. The person I was seeing at that time was so wrong for me, like WOW looking back I can't believe I ever thought otherwise. But it taught me a lot, I mentioned not being in control and I really wasn't. Everything aligned for me when I met Connor and it made complete sense why other relationships hadn't worked out. I no longer worry about taking it slow, this boys my forever and I can't wait to make my life with him
[#7] Enter Competitions - Not something I did, and really? I don't think I can find the time alongside blogging, working and living to make it a successful hobby like it used to be. Unfortunately this one will fall by the way side
[#8] Lose weight - Ha! The less said the better. Coming soon in 2019 Alice tries yet again with the same resolution she's had for the past 5+ years
[#9] Blogging - So this was a 'just do it' kind of goal, and between this and comping one of them was going to fail. 59 posts later and it's clear that blogging is where I want to be. I love writing, I love the creativity and I love being able to have my own little space to vent, share and laugh with all my readers
[#10] Tidy up - I had a goal of downsizing in preparation for when I eventually had enough money to buy a house, never in my wildest dreams did I think that 2018 would be the year I'd become a homeowner, rather than tidying my existing space I've now managed to fill a whole house with it! I'm so pleased with just how far i surpassed this goal!

So all in all 10 resolutions were made, 6 were 100% successful with another 2 in constant progress (making friends and exploring will never see an end) with only 2 goals not really seeing much progress - I'm taking that as a huge win!

My 101 in 1001 goals

In March I get to reading about the Day Zero Project, and with my being a constant goal setter I loved the idea of something longer term than one year I did do an update post on this but as we're now 294 days into my 1001 I thought I'd take a proper look at where we stand

[1] Explore Sheffield - As per my resolution this one will be forever ongoing [IP]
[2] Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando - OMG I actually surprisingly completed this one
[7] Buy a house - I expected this towards the end of the challenge but I'm over the moon with it
[8] Get an Alice in Wonderland tattoo - Tick! I love my Alice tattoo 
Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

[11] Decorate my new home - I still have heaps of stuff to move down but I've made a start [IP]
[13] A-Z movie list - Connor made me a list, I've not made a huge dent but I've watched a few [IP]
[19] Go to the Zoo - We went to Chester Zoo!
[22] Get promoted to Senior Delivery Consultant at work - Effective starting in January
[25] 10k followers on social media - Currently sat just over the 12k mark!
[26] Blog 3 times a week consistently - I managed once a week in 2018 [IP]
[27] Visit 10 new to me UK cities - Oxford, Chester, Manchester, Nottingham [IP]
[29] Go to Thorpe Park - I finally did this after years of wanting to
Thorpe Park Selfie
[30] Meet someone special - If I haven't already gushed about him too much Connor ticks all the boxes
[41] Go to a movie drive in - Outdoor cinema screening of the Greatest Showman definitely counts
[42] 'Try' Pinterest Pins rather than just pinning and leaving - Constantly doing this now [IP]
[43] Work out my depression and don't allow it to catch me in the winter months - I still have wobbles, I still have really shit days but I feel I've done much better this winter [IP]
[48] Once moved out rescue a cat / dog - My Tilly cat completes our little family
Tilly Ragamuffin cat
[52] Cook / Bake one new thing every week - I try to do this, especially now I have my own kitchen
[53] Get a caricature made of me - We had one done at Thorpe Park
[57] Tell someone I love them and truly mean it - Every single day now to Connor
[65] Start budgeting properly - I have a budget calculator and everything proper adulting
[69] Order from every takeaway that delivers to me on just eat - Making a dent in this list! [IP]
[70] Go to 10 concerts / shows - Blue Man Group in Orlando, Aladdin Pantomime [IP]
[76] Complete my Harry Potter Jigsaw - Completed!
[91] Go on a murder mystery weekend - We went on a virtual murder mystery in Sheffield

So there we go, 16 tasks fully completed with another 9 in progress I think is good going, I've already got some fab plans in place for next year which will see me add some other big ones as completed on this list but I'm really happy with my progress 

All in all 2018 was pretty damn special and 2019 is going to have to be epic to beat it, but I'm confident!

How was your 2018?


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