Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Giving your kitchen a new lease of life

Last year I moved out of my parents home and moved into my own home, but during that process I did a lot of traipsing around houses for sale and trying to find the one for me. I was absolutely amazed at just how many homes looked beautiful but when you walked into the kitchen it was like walking back into the 1960s. Soo many gorgeous houses that just hadn't been modernised in any way. I looked into how much renovating a kitchen would be and how much a full makeover would be through Kitchen Warehouse* before I found my dream home. Thankfully the home I found was a brand new build so both kitchen and bathroom had only just been fitted so I didn't have to go through with having a redecoration

Modernising your kitchen

But when I did move into my home I did change a few things around, and giving your kitchen a new lease of life can be a lot easier than you think, you don't necessarily have to tear out the whole thing to modernise it. Here are my top tips for bringing your kitchen right up to date

Take a close look at the units in your kitchen, and think of how you could update them, you could change the doors as most doors fit standard kitchen carcasses but definitely check, or if they're wood you could make a real statement by painting them a bold colour. Maybe turn your wooden doors into a nice grey colour. Compliment this with some new handles which can be picked up for dirt cheap on ebay and you've instantly completely changed the look of your kitchen for the cost of paint and a few door handles

One of the things I used to hate at my mums house was the lighting in the kitchen it was bright and flurescount and not really great for creating a mood. As the kitchen can often be the hub of the home I absolutely think a bright light is essential but also smaller uplighting on the cabinets or mood lighting if you have a dining table can really change the dynamic and make it less clinical. You can even pick up stick on spot lights at local DIY stores for under £10

This one's trickier because it's certainly not cheap, but you need to look at it as an investment. If your fridge is perfectly fine then make sure your other cheaper appliances are matched to it. Bringing colour into your home with your appliances is a really quick way of updating the look of your kitchen

Little Touches
Bringing personality into your home should be super easy! I personally have Harry Potter tea towels, a cat cookie jar, salt and pepper pot plus lots of cool travel magnets on my fridge. Bring family personality into the kitchen. A show room look is lovely but a homely lived in feel will make people feel much more comfortable

How do you update your kitchen?

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