Sunday, 6 January 2019

Men's Winter Outfit for under £60

Brrrr it's a new year but I don't about you guys it's bloody cold outside! I'm constantly freezing so I'm loving cosying up in an evening with my heating blaring and the candles on anyway January is well and truly here so a lot of people are focusing on there resolutions, one area of mine is to declutter, I have so many things I need to get rid of including tons of clothes, however Connor on the other hand is the complete opposite, he could probably do with a few key pieces to see him through the rest of winter so we've been taking a look at the Jacamo A/W range of hoodies and coats* and I thought I'd put together a nice outfit to see him through the winter so here's what I'd pick

Jacamo Men's Winter Outfit

Total cost - £56.75

So here's my choices, I know this won't exactly see you through the snow or terrible weather but it's a nice casual outfit that should see you through most of the milder days we're seeing plus it gives the versatility to layer.

I think the most important part of the transition between winter and spring is layers. As a girl it's much easier but men can definitely layer too, I love the chevron design of the hoody and the bomber jacket fitted over it will give a little extra warmth while still looking stylish

The jeans are really nice washed grey skinny ones, Connor lives in skinny jeans but usually prefers black ones but I think these look really cute, and would look great with the grey tones of the hoody

Finally the boots, I love them! They're a bit dressier than a trainer but not quite a smart shoe, they should be suitable for all weathers too

I don't know if Connor will like being my own little ken doll and dressing him up but these clothes are very similar to his usual style with just a few changes so I don't think he'd mind too much

What's you mans go to fashion item in winter?


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