Tuesday, 12 February 2019

1 Year as a Driver!

On my facebook memories last week popped up my post from when I passed my test last year, I can't believe I've been on the roads for a whole year it's changed so many things, I've now got complete freedom to go and do whatever I want without having to rely on public transport

First year as a driver

Back last February when I was buying my car I decided to get a second hand car due to the lower cost and increased options. A reputable dealer will offer lots of different models such as Nissan, VW, Toyota to name a few. I decided on a VW Up which is a little 1ltr car perfect for a little run around.

When you're looking at getting a second hand car, don't be rushed into making a decision at all, test drive a few different ones, get a good feel for the road in the cars, ask lots of questions such as how many owners has the car had? What's the service history like, what were the last MOT results etc. If you're visiting a reputable dealer they'll be more than happy to help you with all your questions.Why not get your MOT done in Brighton today!

As it's been a year I've had to retax the car which was a whole £20 for the full year which is absolutely brilliant! And get it MOT'd for the upcoming year, my little brum brum managed to get through completely unscathed without even an advisory. In fact the guy that completed my MOT asked me if I even drive it because it's in such great condition

I think it always plays in the back of your mind when buying a second car that you don't really know it's history and could end up with a nasty shock come MOT time. But I'm so glad I did! It's really been the best decision and because I went to a recognised dealer it meant I know the entire service history of my car and know there wasn't any nasties hiding under the bonnet 

The freedom of being able to drive anywhere has meant that we have a lot more road trips and I can't recommend passing your test more!

How long have you been driving?

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